HR And Payroll Functions

Payroll Services (Monthly And Annual)

Preparation of the payroll on a monthly basis.

Furnishing salary advices to employees.

Electronic payment of net salaries to individual employees.

Providing detailed reports of earnings, deductions and leave.

Calculation of amounts due for PAYE, SDL and UIF.

Issuing of IRP5s at tax year-end.

Calculating the payroll taxes.

Advise on the amount payable to the SARS in respect of PAYE and SITE.

Prepare the annual IRP5 returns of employees who have been administered on the payroll during the tax year.

Manage communication from the SARS and other institutions relating to the payroll.

Submit reports to assist with returns received from the Compensation Commissioner.

Advise of the amount payable to the UIF, SARS etc. and submitting reports.

HR Matters


We will maintain a register of employees and Employee files


Implement a process for leave application and approval


Maintain a leave register

Implement and Maintain HR Policies and Procedures


Implementation and support of Training and Skill register


Draft and maintain HR handbook


Maintain Statutory compliance