About Us

About The Firm

We offer all management and risk solutions to private company and provincial organisation. Our efficiencies let you drive your market share with peace of mind that your business controls are working efficiently and back office management and administration is up to date.

We implement dynamic methods that are at the forefront of the business consulting service industry, resulting in efficiencies and consequently leading to the containing of costs. We address specific circumstances and risks through effective planning and project management. We are committed to pioneering inventive and effective solutions.

Our client’s satisfaction is our primary objective and mission.


To be the leading and innovative business partner of choice. We aspire to serve wide spectrum of the SMEE market. We aim to offer professionalism, reliability and uncompromising integrity and honesty.


BSD Consulting commits to provide innovative, effective and efficient SMEE and consulting services that satisfy client expectations while remaining focused on developing and retaining talent, and supporting local communities.


BSD Consulting strives to act with honesty and diligence. We aim to develop and empower our clients, staff and country, and our own growth. Our success will only be surpassed by the integrity and behaviours of our members and staff.

Why BSD Consulting?

In the South African and Africa companies need to be have proper financial management support just to remain in business. This is supported by the 2014 Turnaround Management Survey which estimates that as much as 36% of business failures were caused by inadequate financial management. SMME’s need to strategically partner with trusted professionals that understand business turnaround management, accounting and financial management, business strategy and operations. This is a key business imperative for success, however cash-flow constraints, management capacity and access to key resources in most smaller businesses are some of the reasons these services are not enlisted.

BSD consulting is a BEE company who has identified these much-needed services as a critical success factor and thus made the initial visit free (. i.e. high-level assessment carried out). Following this, we offer an affordable adhoc fee or a month to month contract fee depending on client needs, which is linked to a profitability sharing model that results in a win-win situation. We are so confident in our offering that we are prepared to determine profit sharing success viability after our initial free assessment.

Meet The Team

We are a dedicated team of qualified professionals with industry & business experience. Furthermore, as part of our youth training & mentoring program we have several full time and part-time employees.

Bilal Suleman

(BCompt Honours), ex. PWC, MTN, IT Auditing

Bilal is a Professional Accountant and independent Reviewer with South African Institute of Professional Accountants [SAIPA 29575]. He holds, a B.Compt Honours degree and completed his articles with the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Aatifah Dawood

Sage Payroll Instructor

Aatifah is a qualified payroll instructor. After gaining experience as HR and payroll administrator over the years, Aatifah successfully completed her training through Sage Payroll and holds the highest payroll certification from Sage. Apart from her primary role as HR and Payroll Director in BSDC and apart from being a hardworking and dedicated mother and home executive, Aatifah also runs her own company ADCI which delivers end to end corporate identity solutions to various clients.

Expectation Of Client

The accounting records are to be maintained by the Client. As per the services provided, we will be responsible in assisting you in fulfilling this duty. Note that the Company Act requires that proper books of account be kept in respect of all transactions entered into by the company. The Company Act also requires the name and registration number to appear on all letterheads, cheque books and stationery. In order to maintain proper records, you should open a bank account in the name of the company. All monies received and paid by the company should be channeled through this account.

Amongst other, client is responsible for: Supplying correct supporting documents timeously in order for the us to complete the prescribed work on time. Failure to meet statutory deadlines will result in automatic penalties and/or interest for certain services; Providing all information as set out in the information request; Retention on all documents and information in compliance with the Protection of information act. It is the responsibility of the client to retain records and documents retained by us is solely for us to carry out our duties and we in no way accept responsibility to provide such documents to anyone or create reliance that these will be available to anyone on completion of our services; The company is legally responsible for submitting correct returns by the due date and making timeous payments of its obligations (Beit Tax, CIPC or any regulatory or statutory payments).

To enable us to carry out our work client will agree that: All Information and supporting documents are to be made available on the basis of full disclosure of all sources of income, expenses, allowances and capital transactions; To provide comprehensive information necessary for dealing with your affairs: we will rely on the information and documents being true, correct and complete and will not audit the information or those documents; That we can approach such third parties as may be appropriate for information that we consider necessary to deal with your affairs; to provide us with information in sufficient time for your work to be completed (Kindly complete the section 8&9 at the end of this document completely and truthfully); To provide all required information in due time; To send us via reliable channels, all and any communications received from 3rd parties and other statutory bodies which will enable us to deal with them as deemed necessary within the statutory time limits and to keep us informed about significant changes in your circumstances if this is likely to affect your work or ours.